25 Worst Pieces Of 2Pac Fan Art


Drawing a picture of your favorite musician is a nice gesture. Unfortunately, sometimes it ends up being so bad that it’s straight up disrespectful. If 2Pac wasn’t so busy rocking stages and causing and internet uproar via hologram, he’d be rolling in his grave.

Here are the 25 worst pieces of 2Pac fan art:

  • mike

    i dont see whats that notably awful about some of these

    maybe im that bad at art?

  • Confusion

    haha I mean half of them dont look at all like pac

  • PancakeMcKennz

    These came from DeviantART, didn’t they? haha

  • http://Metrosonic.net/blog Durfffy

    love it!

  • J.Mo

    Some of em are legit.

  • Maisley

    #3 looks like a mix of Bob Marley and Pac.. a few of these are works of art

  • Maisley

    #6 is like a mix of 2pac and a light bulb

  • claire

    why are you hating, some of those are really good

  • Confusion

    Which one is good!? None of them look like 2Pac except for the one of the face with the body inside the face, and putting a body inside the face was completely unnecessary.

  • Confusion

    My favorite is 13. Makes 2Pac look like such a beast

  • dsee

    Lol these are pretty bad, but I like number 5. Not because it looks like pac though.

  • Jumi

    I like #7. That one threw me off as far as being on the list. The rest give me nightmares.

  • Jumi

    #17 I meant. The one where his eyes are closed and his hands are on his head.

  • bones

    TBH this one is the BEST pac drawing

  • Confusion

    Hahah you’re right, that is the best.

  • peter

    Holy shit nr 16 is my drawing ,one with bleu and red..dude i drew that on a post in about a minute.. you know fuck you ..people are doing a tribute for their rapper ,whoever made this thread is a dickhole

  • Confusion

    @Peter Yeah, total dick move. You’re drawing probably sucked the least out of all of them, but you made Pac look kinda Asian, and he’s not Asian.

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