5 Pictures of Lil Wayne Skateboarding


If you’ve watched Lil Wayne’s public service announcement, you know that he’s serious about skateboarding. He’s proven it by showing up at skateparks all over the country, building a ramp on the roof of his Miami home, and practicing non-stop over the past months. We gathered up some pictures that captures what Weezy is all about when he gets his skate on. Check them out below.

  • JeiSun

    As good as he is with a guitar. The man is multi-talented.

  • A

    I’ve never seen a more pointless article

  • a guest but not really

    the pictures are terrible. it really was a pointless post.

  • Confusion

    Hahah. It was a joke. Get it. He’s falling in all of them. Whatever. At the time I thought it was really funny, so fuck you guys.

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  • theBroKing

    I lol’d, this was good

  • Joachin

    Weezy u are dope!…dont mind ’em haterz carry on u’v got much in yo huge brain..tumbz up N!66a..

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