5 Random & Really Cool Music-Related Things You Should Watch Right Now

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About six months into having a music blog, I started tracking traffic. If you’ve got a blog, I recommend you just avoid getting into this at all, because it becomes an obsession. It’s like once you start measuring your height and making little notches on your door, you can’t stop, and then you’re 45 years old and you’re still living with your parents and your door frame has a deep gouge at the point that represents when you stopped growing, because every morning you make that fucking notch, because that’s just something you do now.

But tracking traffic has its perks too, because you get “data.” For example, when you consider the population of the world and that of New Zealand,┬áthere is an disproportionate amount of people from New Zealand who read this blog. I know this because of the data. But while I work on the “Music From New Zealand” post, there is a more pressing problem to address: Saturday. No matter what, traffic on Saturday is pathetic. I have even stooped so low as to create a possible “Sexy Saturdays” feature, because I thought when all else fails, people in the world still want to look at sexy pictures.

I don’t know what it would take to get a good Saturday feature, so cheers to throwing it all against the wall and seeing what sticks. Here are 5 Random & Really Cool Things Related To Music You Should Watch Right Now. Happy Saturday.

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  • mike

    definitely a fan of this feature, the last 2 pages were great

  • Daniel

    That Robert Johnson cover was good!

  • bryck

    That whole segment with Colbert and Jack White was great.

  • Jezikah

    This is a really cool blog! You may want to check out new artist Multi

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