Album: Logic – “Undeniable”


Young Sinatra aka Logic just fired off this brand new mixtape entitled Undeniable. This makes three official full-length releases since December of 2010. In less than 16 months the Maryland-based emcee has managed to rack up nearly 50K (thousand) “likes” on Facebook and amass a Twitter follower list over 26K fans deep. While those numbers may seem slightly staggering for an up-and-coming artist, they don’t seem to overly impress nor dissuade the young Logic from maintaining an around-the-clock grind, one that will even have him embarking on a nationwide tour later this year.

For now though Undeniable promises to be his best studio work to date. Check below for a full stream, the back cover art and a link to download the whole damn thing for free.


  • Baby Leonardo Dicap

    been following this guy for a while Not bad… but definitely won’t get play in my itunes especially with the already oversaturated mixtape scene. Does nothing new for me, but his really young fans seem to like him and that helped mac miller right?

  • Raimond

    this kid is just a better version of mac miller. very little depth

  • Chas

    Logic’s wordplay, rhyme scheme, and flow is way beyond the realm of others his age, and others this new to the game. This guy is mixing and mastering his own music and writing his own lyrics. You’re not going to find that in a guy whose most notable song is called “Donald Trump” and most notable lines involve smoking weed and eating yogurt. Mac Miller is targeting the college kid demographic and producing music to fit that realm. Logic is presenting his talent, tenacity, and vigor by pumping out 3 free albums in 16 months without fluffing up music to fit a certain realm. The “Young Sinatra” motif instantly shows more depth than the other rappers being compared to him.

  • Mike

    Logic is much more talented then any other artists his age. His music is full of substance. Dont use the name Mac Miller in the same breath as Logic. This kid is going to be a star.

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  • Karitakon


  • Jumi

    Obvious crew members are obvious.

  • Baby Leonardo Dicap

    Sheesh I didn’t say the kid was Mac Miller but honestly Mac Miller is better and younger I believe. Like if I want to hear a suburban kid rapping about his life I’m goin with Mac sorry Logic. It’s ok there is plenty of space in Gentrification Hop for Mac Miller and his light skin knockoff Logic

  • Major_It_Is

    Logic actually didnt grow up in the suburbs. He was poor and his parents were drugs addicts. And I dont really see the Mac Miller similarly either but everyone has there own opinion.

  • The_truth

    You all obviously haven’t heard of Airospace before.

  • Jumi

    @Major_It_Is That dude could’ve been raised by a Baloo from the Jungle Book, his music mediocre.

  • Andrew

    I’m not saying anything about his skills, but comparing him to Mac Miller is unfair. They don’t rap about the same things and they don’t do it in the same way… what more do you want? Why is every new black rapper not pigeonholed into the same category? We could call all the newcomers “Lil Wayne/Drake” wannabes… but we don’t. Every new white rhymer doesn’t have to be Em or Mac. Lyrically, he is better than a lot his age (black,white,yellow,purple who gives a fuck), but that doesn’t matter does it? You only see his skin color and throw him off as another college rapper. And he MAY be that rapper, but you wouldn’t know because you’re a pretentious prick who thinks you know something about rap (you don’t). Let the dude do his thing, damn.

  • Andre Defiant

    The first track samples the “Lost” soundtrack #mindblown

  • Stefan

    Jesus, how many lame ass comparisons can you make between Logic and Mac. Fuck that and enjoy someone’s music that they put their heart n soul into. Isn’t that why we are on this site in the first place?

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