Albums Of The Week: 04/24/2012

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Jack White – Blunderbuss

The debut solo album from this bona fide rock star, and ex White Stripe, does not disappoint. There is less straight up guitar slaying than on past White Stripes albums, but there is masterful blues and folk, and tales of love, loss and heartbreak, all melded together by Jack White‘s unmistakable voice and eccentric personality.

  • -____-

    If people like the Yuna album, they should check out Sia’s We Are Born album. It is the bomb!

  • Tito

    I’ll tell you what, the “Sixteen Saltines” video is one of the craziest I’ve seen. Check it out if you have yet to, Con. You definitely will not be disappointed.

    Love the album, love Jack White. All in all really good stuff!

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