Coachella Announces 2013 Hologram Lineup


We saw what they did with 2Pac. The rest of the festival was pretty good, but here we are, a couple days post-Coachella, and all we can talk about is the 2Pac hologram. With that in mind, we get this, the 2013 lineup, bringing back big names like MJ, Nirvana, Marley, The Beatles, Hendrix, and motherfucking Mozart. Well played, internets.

*In case you’re slow on the uptake: this is not real

**Then again, with 2Pac at Coachella, what is “real” anymore?


  • Jumi

    LMFAO! Jesus did it for me.

  • d3

    haha word. Jesus got me.

  • B-Boy Rock-Star

    “…with 2Pac at Coachella, what is “real” anymore?”

    True… LOL

  • Van Custo

    Big Pun hologram please. I don’t care how much technology it takes.

  • Joel

    the fuck is this? the clash headlining over zeppelin and hendrix? mozart over the beatles? michael jackson over biggie?! what kind of crowd is coachella trying to draw in?

  • Taylor

    damn jesus couldn’t even get a headlining spot

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Jesus is obviously gonna be David Guetta before a haircut.

  • Chad

    It’s only right to have Jesus kick off Sunday.

  • dfama

    Sunday lineup proves The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Lennon was right.

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  • Corey

    No Sublime? They messed up on that one but this is still great.

  • Linda Workman

    Are you kidding me? No Stevie Ray Vaughan? I’m not going.

  • erikaldrich

    Can it please be hosted by Dick Clark.??

  • ClashCityRocker

    Please stop trying to squeeze every last dime out of the dead artists. Lets be frank here. Coachella isnt doing this for the fans.
    I cant speak for Strummer or Mick, But im pretty sure they wouldnt be down for this, either.
    Please stop.
    The novelty is cool, but when the music dies, let it have its rest.
    As for you, joel. Zepplin is overplayed.
    And overrated.
    As well as the Beatles.
    Fuck the beatles im so damn tired of…

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