Gotye Not A Fan Of Glee’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” Cover


“In a way, after you’ve made a record, you’ve made it and everything else that happens feels like you are a bystander … It is kind of surreal,” Gotye told The Courier-Mail of “Somebody That I Used To Know.” When asked about the cover of his No. 1 hit that appeared on Glee, he didn’t have many positive things to say.

“They did such a faithful arrangement of the instrumentals, but the vocals were that pop Glee style, ultra dry, sounded pretty tuned, and the rock has no real sense,” said Gotye. “Like it’s playing to you from a cardboard box.”

“It gets to a point where it starts to feel a bit self-conscious, and I don’t want to hear any more people doing something with this,” he said. “I don’t always look at all of the parodies and covers that people send me.”

Well, if you didn’t want to hear everyone cover your song, maybe you shouldn’t have made it so fucking catchy.

On that note:

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  • vick

    it is called free publicity, embrace it.

    Goyte is butt hurt for no reason

  • wenz

    why did they have the guy do the girl’s vocals? thats arguably the best part of the song

  • jessi heart

    Glee helped make this song even more popular. They did the same with fun. – We Are Young. Very few people even heard of that song before Glee covered it a few months ago. Heck, Glee made Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing the number 1 rock song in 2010. I’m not a fan of Glee, but these damn hipsters.

  • cole

    Glee’s version of this was awful. they got rid of the all the emotion that made it such a hit in the first place, and replacing Kimbra’s incredible vocals with Matt Bomer’s was just stupid on their part.

  • Jumi

    Why is everybody trying to be a contrarian? The Glee version was weak.

  • Bruke Getachew

    pretty hard to complain about exporsure like that… until I heard the cover: it’s god awful!! Better off just lip-syncing to the original. YUCK! I agree with Mr Goats.

  • Alexis

    “Well, if you didn’t want to hear everyone cover your song, maybe you shouldn’t have made it so fucking catchy.” Hahaha I like that

  • Kody Gedge

    Oh shit… yeah, Glee’s version is fucking terrible. I don’t mind it to a certain extent considering it’s of an amazing song, but it rapes the original of all pride.

    Gotye, I am with you. No cover will ever match up to the original, and I don’t expect one to at any time. Somebody that I used to know will always remain one of my favourites, along with Hearts a mess, Thanks for your time, etc.

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