Introduction to Electronic Dance Music: Breaking Down The Genres

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headphones2 Introduction to Electronic Dance Music: Breaking Down The Genres

Have you ever wanted to start listening to dance music, but have no idea where to start?

Electronic Dance Music is a tough field to break into, especially without some help. It’s full of vocabulary, genre labels, and artists that all have distinct identities and sounds, but to someone just trying to get into the music it’s almost impenetrable. It’s clearly a rising movement in music, but differentiating between trends and even identifying what you like is a daunting task. This introduction should help dispel some of that.

This is a guide to the basics. We came up with the major EDM genres you should know and explained them. Where they started, who’s a major player in the genre right now, what it sounds like and how fast it is. It’s a rough template for all the music out there but should teach you more than enough to get started.

Consider this your jumping off point to the next big thing.

Words by Midas & Constant Gardner

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  • TheRhino

    Skipped hardcore and hardstyle!

  • Azeem

    The music at the bottom aren’t working for mobile. Other than that THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I finally understand and discovered different electronic genres!

  • Azeem

    The point isn’t to name all of the genres. Simply the most prominent for newcomers like me.

  • Sasha

    What the fuck? Who writes these????? Hardwell and Tiesto arent even exactly Trance artists yo. This shit’s hella misleading. Put more research on your work.

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