Jay Electronica – “Dear Moleskine”


We got a taste of “Dear Moleskine” back in 2009, and today we’ve finally got the full version of the Just Blaze-produced single. To think that it took three years for Jay Electronica to release this one is crazy, especially considering how quickly the world of hip-hop moves, but Jay Elec has never been one who seems too concerned with that kind of stuff. Might this point to the release of Act II: The Patents of Nobility? Give the highly thoughtful track a listen below.


  • http://clubhouse-conversations.tumblr.com Clubhouse-Conversations

    Jay Elec’ anything is worth listening to.

  • byahbyah

    Kind of disappointed that theres only one verse that I’ve already heard in a pretty good live recording. Nonetheless, this is a great sign for those of us who have been waiting for years now.

    I still want that remix of Call of Duty feat. Kendrick Lamar…

  • http://music.ajcrew.com A.J. Crew

    Good stuff, although I kinda wanted more bars… like, a lot more.

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