jj – “Beautiful Life”


US hip-hop and R&B loving Swedish duo jj are back with another beautifully arranged, hauntingly vocalled slice of left-field pop, which, in typical jj fashion starts off with the words:

I’m so in this bitch/ see me glow in this bitch/ blowin dro in this bitch/doing blow in this bitch

This in fact is one of jj’s more upbeat songs, and will (likely) feature on the band’s forthcoming release entitled jj n° 4. Download below, and circle May 8th in your calendar if you want to grab this on vinyl from Secretly Canadian.

jj – “Beautiful Life”

  • jay

    It’s good to hear from jj again, but, Mr Gardener, could you expand upon what you mean by ‘left-field pop’? I’m imagining political sub-genres of Stalin Swing and Guevara Garage…

  • PancakeMcKennz

    i love these guys

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Constant Gardner

    haha Jay I’ll forgive you this time because you made a good double pun there but we’re not talking about the left of the political spectrum, we’re talking about hearing those straight up dream pop melodies and then realising there is nothing straight up about crooning “let me tell you what i wanna / champagne and marijuana”!

    PS trotsky trance, socialism-step, chavez shuffle, castro classical (not to mention fidel folk), engels electro etc

  • jay

    Ah! Thanks for the explanation – and don’t hesitate to throw up and Post Mao-core tracks you come across.

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