Ridiculous YouTube Reactions To Drake’s “HYFR” Video

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Drake’s video for “Take Care” went pretty hard with the symbolism. As simple as it was, it left a lot up for interpretation, and it left room for a lot of questions. Drake’s video for “HYFR” was more straightforward, and even offers an explanation at the beginning. Still, it left people wondering some things: Is Drake Jewish? WTF is Wayne wearing? Are Drake and Trey lovers? The comments on YouTube have led to some very interesting discussions. Hear are some of the most absurd, and be sure to click to the last page for some “random” thoughts, where shit gets really ridiculous.

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  • blargh

    It’s called a synagogue, not a Jewish church. Idiots.

  • Latest

    this pretty much just reassured my preconcieved notions, that the ratio of people who listen to drake and their intelligence vary greatly…

  • http://www.listentoandre.com Andre (PayUp)

    Wow, somehow people still surprise me with their lack of common sense.

  • idle_warship

    illuminati want my mind, soul and my body… idiots.

  • OC

    drake’s fanbase in a nutshell…

  • http://www.twitter.com/EL_MACJETson Laseasn Lake

    DRAKE=Opposite of blog rapper. So he takes L’s on the net like no other

  • Randy

    here I was thinking im the only one who trolls youtube comments and dies of laughter. But this is pretty much common place for every single video on worldstar the comments on there make these people look like Harvard scholars

  • Chris

    I love how the one commentor tried to incorrectly correct the one kid for saying that alcohol was a drug and then called him a fag…stay classy youtube haha

  • imperialkingpin

    youtube comments and world star hip hop are too ignorant for words

    I just can’t even handle it

  • Jumi

    I lost it when I read the cussing in a church part.

  • http://soundcloud.com/eidn b1tcha$$n1gga

    They all bring up valid points, except for the Illuminati bullshit. I mean what the hell is DJ Khaled doing, if you’re just listener of Drake’s music you wouldn’t know he’s jewish (and this is his re-commitment to his faith?, yeah right), and Waynes wardrobe has been ridiculous these past few months.

  • http://soundcloud.com/eidn b1tcha$$n1gga

    As much as I like his music it’s getting harder for me to respect him as a person.

  • Randy

    ^Not to troll sir, but with the name “b1tcha$$n1gga” it makes it quite hard for me to respect you as a person or your opinion

  • J.Mo

    ^ i second that

  • State

    Why is no one talking about how ridiculous Lil’ Chuckie looks in this video sitting there clearly out of place?

  • IslandKid

    i just reallllyy fucking hate youtube commenters. typical top comment:

    im going to burger king when i get back this better be top comment” ok? why do people still thumbs that shit up? it wasnt even funny the first time yet people still do it a year later

  • justin

    Lol…isn’t it funny d way a mojority act in ignorance.Its glaring dat d illuminati own these artistes *music & movies* and they use them to send out wild & wicked subliminal msgs to our subconscious..any1 dat denys this fact is totally lost in the world. FACT !!!

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