The 10 Best Remixes Of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”

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It’s easy to recognize when an indie song is here to stay. “Pumped Up Kicks” continues to make its rounds, and now Gotye’s smash is still picking up steam, despite its mid-2011 release date. “Somebody That I Used To Know” is hitting new heights in its ubiquity, unsurprisngly, as it’s impossible to even type the title without singing the words as well. There are countless indicators to a song’s popularity, from its placement on the iTunes charts to the fact that its lyrics are providing your friends with content for their newest Facebook status. Our preferred litmus test on mainstream saturation to see how many remixes it generates.

With that in mind, certain corners of the Internet right now are really solely dedicated to Gotye remixes, each clamoring to be heard over the last. We waded through the masses for you, partly to see if we could get bored of that impossibly infectious chorus (jury’s still out on that), but mostly to compile this list. These are the best “Somebody That I Used To Know” remixes that are out there right now, for every occasion.

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