The 5 Best Performances of Coachella 2012



Production virtuoso and masked enigma SBTRKT has a reputation of putting on a hell of a show. However, at Coachella, he faced the well-established issue of translating his live show to a huge, festival crowd. His set unequivocally proved that he was up to the challenge.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Florence + The Machine, Gambino and Tune-Yardz were my favorites along with Dre and Snoop.

  • Stef

    Snoop and Dre’s set was legendary. So many great guest stars, and when i heard Em was there i lost my shit.

  • Jeffco

    Wait, so you guys weren’t at Coachella but are picking the five best performances? How is that possible? If you’re naming the five best YouTube-streamed I-watched-online-performances then fine, but you guys obviously missed a ton of other much more worthy performances.

  • David

    Don’t understand how Florence is not on your top 5 – if you had been there I’m sure you would have found her electrifying

  • Confusion

    We had people there, consulted with people who went. Flo is always good. She was definitely good at Coachella, but didn’t think her performance there was as good as these 5. Would would you take off this list?

  • don


  • bryck

    I appreciated this post.

  • toby

    i wasnt an sbtrkt fan until now so thanks!

  • busstophustle

    Gary Clark Jr, EMA, Flying Lotus, and Death Grips all had amazing sets as well. Personally wasn’t that blown away by Dre and Snoop. They brought the guests and the hits, which I guess you need as a headliner, but I felt like they should’ve done more to prove they could rock that set on their own. Instead, they chose to bring out their famous friends. It just felt a bit stale to me.

    I’m glad you guys gave props to Jeff Mangum. I had the opportunity to watch his set and it was truly a thing of beauty. Definitely an overlooked gem from Coachella.

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