Tragedy At Coachella: Lykke Li Gets Engaged


Terrible news, you guys. It has come to my attention that during Lykke Li‘s appearance with Miike Snow at Coachella, Andrew Wyatt announced that the Swedish songstress just got engaged. Afterwards, according to reports, Lykke Li looked “radiant.” Psh. I’ve always believed in that old saying about how if you love someone, you should be happy just to see them be happy. I’m not sure about that anymore. Maybe it’s just that if you replace the words “if you love” with “if you’re obsessed with” it doesn’t apply. No word on who this impostor is that she married, but word on the blogosphere is that he’s got a price on his head.

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Watch Miike Snow’s full Coachella 2012 performance below, and hit the 29-minute mark to see the announcement:

Contact me directly to see about where to send flowers and feel better cards or to talk about the possibility of marrying me.

Thanks to @mmmmarmar for the heads up, I suppose.


  • DJ RadioDreaD

    Awww Con!
    I feel for ya buddy…plenty fish in the sea
    (but shotty meg myers<3…)

  •!/UptownMonsta SegaWolf


  • BP

    Don’t worry, they’ll get divorced soon

  • Confusion

    this IS some bullshit. fuck coachella, fuck pop music as a genre, and fuck 2012.

  • castor7dre

    Damn dude, I def remember when you first posted about her, it seemed written in the stars. I am really sorry. :( I know that there will be nobody else lykke her.

  • Confusion

    All I can do is hope that I find somebody new, but it’s not very lykkely.

  • Laseasn Lake

    youre too good for her Confusion. You should find dude and go after him, but im not trynna hype u up and make you catch a body lyke dat

  • jay

    Commiserations, con. I guess it’s time to get out Wounded Rhymes and let it all out, I know I’ll be doing that.

  • B-Boy Rock-Star


  • PancakeMcKennz

    Textbook case calling for compersion on your part, Con. Damn.

  • Vision


  • Mic

    Confusion, what are you going to do with your Lykke shrine?

  • imperialkingpin

    @LaseanLake hahaha well played sir

  • Confusion

    I dont know about the shrine. I can’t face it right now but maybe eventually I will see if the MOMA wants it.

  • Harris

    Keep your head up Con. That marriage thing rarely works out

  • Craig

    welcome to my life with KP got married, then her divorce came and everything went back to normal

  • toby

    shit this is a big deal

  • JeiSun

    Words from the GREAT Michael Scott: “BFD (Big Fucking Deal) Engaged ain’t married.” You still got a chance, don’t blow it by crying in a corner.

  • sosofee

    As long as she doesn’t get married to Andrew Wyatt… It’s ok with me!

  • lykke fan

    first they sing knocked up together and saying she dont care what anyone says… then the video of her breaking her father’s heart (and who wouldn’t be upset if their daughter is involved with someone 20 years older and … and ten the black sheep song… I knew something was up with those two.. .s is it really surprising Andrew Wyatt is the one who announces to the world that Lykke is betrothed??? And then he goes on to sing how he was once in a dark place but when he looks in her eyes he sees someone he used to know but just has to decide is he is free or tied up (Animal)…He may be a genius of sorts, but a deep intense character… w creepy eyes that remind me of Manson. Andrew Wyatt is definitely no Jeff Buckley.

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