Twitter Reacts To Lil B’s NYU Speech


We saw Lil B’s NYU speech, and there’s not much to say. Either you think it’s rare/based, life-changing/positive, stupid/embarrassing, funny/hilarious, or some combination of all. Instead of trying to say anything else about this event, we decided to let Twitter do the talking, because that’s what Twitter does.















  • Rare

    thank you based god.

  • Randy

    I don’t understand how Lil B lecturing at NYU can make ppl want to leave this country… Like George Zimmerman just being arrested today didn’t do that for ya? Racist hunger games fans ignoring the depicting characters as “dark skinned” but ppl being upset when they are cast as black. that doesnt make you wanna leave this country? like how can this be the last straw for you. There is way more important shit and if he is inspiring youth at a school that specializes in the creative arts and allows students to create their own major!! then why does that concern you GTFO out with that. sorry for ranting but ppl act like Lil B can end the world for some reason… BasedGod!

  • Jumi

    Lol. I love the people that dissed his intellect using bad grammar and spelling.

  • Jay

    People who abuse their less-than and greater-than signs like this <<<<<<<<<<

  • Latest

    The perception of Lil b and the people he “touched”… I just don’t know.

  • a guest but not really

    “Envoyez moi un lien pour le speech de Lil B svp apparemment y a de la philo la dedans” – i dont know what that says but its my favorite part.

  • Lachdown

    It means “send me a link to the LIl B speech please apparently there’s philosophy in it”. Still my favorite part.

  • your mom


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