Video: 2Pac’s Hologram Performs At Coachella


After hearing the news that Nate Dogg would be resurrected via hologram for Coachella, watching the Live Stream was a little confusing, because instead of a hologram, we got a picture slideshow. Then this happened.

Now what? Will Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix headline Lollapalooza? Is Hologram 2Pac going to go on tour? Can he be on Detox? How did they get him to say, “What’s up Coachella?” Does he need food/water/sleep to sustain himself? Is he available for private parties/just for hanging out? Does Hologram 2Pac have a soul?

This is all too much to think about now. Watch Hologram 2Pac perform at Coachella below.

  • Rob Z

    he’s totally lip syncing

  • Sean Y

    Well he’s not real…. so I’d be surprised if he was actually rapping

  • DeVron

    i would have flipped shit

  • Joel

    It’s hologram projection technology, it’s not like actual footage of him or anything you know? Have you seen some cartoon movies these days? Some of these companies can make stuff that look ridiculously real, so it was very similiar technology to they use in that.

    It’s easy to recreate someone’s voice and make it say just about anything (well not easy for regular people, but for people who specialize in that), so they took his mannerisms, pronunciation of syllables and words, and made him say “What Up Coachella?” – it’s pretty sick, yet VERY creepy at the same time without a doubt.

  • Maisley

    It’s not even hologram technology.. It’s “rear-projection on a semi-transparent screen.” Bad ass nevertheless

  • Craig


  • Clubhouse-Conversations

    ^This guy got jokes. Well played.

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