Video: The Weeknd’s First Show In New York City


Last night, The Weeknd took to the stage at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for his first New York City performance ever. After three mixtapes, he’s still managed to stay pretty far from the public eye. He hasn’t done interviews, TV appearances, or touring. You can barely find more than 20 candid pictures of him on the whole internet. But his mysterious nature just made demand go up. Within seconds of putting tickets for the NYC shows up for sale, they were sold out. But is Abel ready for the stage? The Coachella performance got mixed reactions. Watch some footage from the MHOW show below.

(Brilliantly Blunt)

  • Mic

    Seems like a good time, couldn’t really tell about the performance. The crowd seemed to be doing all the singing. Looking forward to tonight’s show in DC

  • SlackJr

    I’ll be there tonight singing off-key like a lil’ beech.

  • Nikhil Thomas

    After seeing as much video of his live performances as I could, I decided to sell my ticket to the NYC show tonight (April 28th). I’m paying to hear The Weeknd sing, not a bunch of drunk white girls. Not worth the money.

  • Andre Defiant

    I saw him Friday night in Boston. I was a bit worried after seeing the videos from Coachella and this one from NYC, but the show was amazing! He was much more on pitch than in the Coachella footage and I think they must have adjusted the mix since the NYC show, because I could hear him above the crowd almost the whole time. For someone who’s only performed live a few times, I was really impressed.

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