Wiz Khalifa – “Work Hard Play Hard”


Wiz Khalifa‘s O.N.I.F.C. is coming out at the end of August, but his first single from the project has arrived early and it will hit iTunes at midnight. Wiz balances the cliché “I’ve got a lot of money” raps with the kind of “Fuck what you think” attitude that the Taylor Gang fans always appreciate. It starts off sounds like trouble, but under a minute in the chorus breaks out and Wiz brings out that big, welcoming melody that has always made him stand out from most rappers. Is it a giant creative step forward? No, but it should go over pretty well as a lead single.

  • http://isaacbuckley.bandcamp.com thedopeness

    anybody hear a little asap rocky’s flow on here?

  • Tyler

    is he trying to sound like Kendrick Lamar (at the beginning)?

  • Tyler

    yeah, i think ASAP and kendrick

  • Relyt

    Def sounds like ASAP. This is basically the “On My Level” for his new project.

  • Jay

    How about Wale? “Work, work, work, work, work…”

  • Latest

    accused flow stealing comments above, laaaame.

    As for what i think of this actual song…

    I’m fine with letting an artist grow, but wizzle man, i don’t know what went wrong and where exactly it did but how do you go from:

    Never Been
    The Kid Frankie
    Ink My Whole Body
    In The Cut
    Huey Newton
    Big Screen
    Name On A Cloud
    The Thrill
    Swag So Official
    Real Estate

    To everything he puts out now? His last good song was “On My Level”, sorry but i’ve listened and i haven’t liked what i’ve heard.

  • solodolo

    he stole coolio’s flow!

  • aubree

    wiz khalifa is so fliping hot he is sexyyyyyyyyyy.he can be my baby daddy

  • bree

    so sexy wanna be my baby daddy

  • bree

    oh aubree is meh 2 lol

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