10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now


Princeton – “Grand Rapids (RAC Remix)”

RAC may be known for the big, dance-y remixes, but this take on Princeton’s “Grand Rapids” shows RAC’s mastery of the art of subtlety, favoring drums, some simple guitar work, and an emphasis on melody for a lowkey indie gem of a remix.


  • PancakeMcKennz

    My iTunes library and my bank account thank you so much.

  • Franko Sinatra

    hahahaha i like how they put “damn son whered you find this?” on the article, i fuckin love that voice.

  • a guest but not really

    that “secret lover” joint goes in ! ima have to throw on some big ass dark shades and stick my hand out the car window when i play this jam. open my sun roof and shit since i dont own a drop top. awesome.

  • Confusion

    the bigger the sunglasses the better. I don’t even fuck around with sunglasses anymore I wear a helmet with a visor but I cut the top off the helmet so my head doesn’t get (too) sweaty and fuck its hot out here in these streets but yolo.

  • a guest but not really

    i agree with all of that. especially the yolo part. only cats cant agree with yolo and cats creep me out.

  • wjl3

    this should be a weekly thing

  • Ian

    this could be like one of those weekly saturday/sunday things if you guys are still struggling to figure out what to do for those days. although, i imagine after not too long it may be hard to find good material though.

  • datboichevy

    love the craver jawn con, keep digging up that gud gud.

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