20 Musicians Reimagined As Hipsters


In 2012, there aren’t too many musicians that look completely ridiculous as hipsters. Clothes are getting weirder. Weirder is getting more normal. Normal is out the window. Still, there are a few artists that look absurd with thigh-hugging pants, ironic t-shirts, and all that other weird hipster shit that lies somewhere between high fashion and hobo status.

Like, you’ve seen Eminem in sweatpants and visors, but ever seen him wearing a low cut shirt and slurping on a PBR? Wonder what Adele would look like if she shaved part of her head? Taylor Swift with full sleeves tatted on her pale, fragile arms? We wondered too. Then we did this. And now we know.

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  • PancakeMcKennz

    I can see Taylor Swift actually as hipsters so vividly. After a Civil Wars collab, she’ll want to “try new territory” for her next album.

  • Jumi

    I thought Justin Bieber was Zac Efron for a split second.

  • Ghost

    50 Cent just turned into Donald Glover.

  • http://thewhisperpit.tumblr.com Goodson

    Some of these came out really well.

  • Franko Sinatra

    50 is the funniest

  • Hugh Jass

    Katy Perry would wear that kinda stuff anyway and I like how T Swift looks.

  • http://twitter.com/thefeiy Feiy

    HAHAHAHA @ hipster 50 HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ellie

    lmao@ 50!

  • Nate

    Justin is underrated amazing. But 50 lol, classic. Debateble whether real life Rihanna is less hipster.

  • terrance

    you guys suck at photoshop

  • ronzelle or whatever

    50 is good, all the other ones are shit lmao

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