’90s Comebacks: Which Ones Are Going To Work?

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1990s Sample Image 90s Comebacks: Which Ones Are Going To Work?

The 1990’s were an awkward decade. People watched movies like Jurassic Park and Twister in the theaters, “Saved by the Bell” and “Friends” on the TV, and listened to grunge, punk and ska on cassettes or their Discman. A fashionable look involved flannel and a No Fear t-shirt or jelly shoes and slap bracelets for the ladies. It was a period that brought us the Gulf War, the first George Bush and Power Rangers.

Just when we thought that decade was firmly in our collective rearview mirror, news broke that bands like Garbage, The Cranberries and others were contemplating comebacks. What started as a dribble has erupted into a gushing flood of bands from the ’90s that are all releasing comeback albums in 2012. While we’re glad to see some make a return, others should have stayed on the shelf. Have a look through this list to see which comebacks will work, and which won’t.

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