A Song Recommended By My Mom


I make it a point to keep my mom up on new music. I send her songs I think she’ll like, force her to listen to new stuff I know she won’t like (she still isn’t convinced that Kanye is a genius), make her CDs to listen to in her car, and endlessly talk to her about music that I’m pretty sure she’s not interested in. She is a good mom. She listens. If left to her own devices, I always imagine that my mom would listen to nothing but Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Nelly’s Country Grammar. She loves Country Grammar and I will never understand why.

Every now and then, my mom surprises me. Just yesterday she sent me a text: “Heard a great Icelandic group, Of Monsters & Men. Listen to Little Talks and Lakehouse and let me know what you think.”

Since it’s Mother’s Day, it seems appropriate to share it. And it’s really cool, too. I’m a little ashamed that my mom is up on it before me—a little ashamed maybe, but mostly proud. Good call Mom. Love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • http://www.iamgeohmusic.tk Ge Oh

    I Love this. HYour mom has great taste. My mom actually ran my old music blog when I had it, thehiphopdaily, because I was starting up the studio I have now , and she used to transcribe my interviews for another blog I used to write for, behindthehype, so she does alot of the same thing. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, and thank you Con, and your Mom, for sharing this song.

  • j

    This is hands down the best post I have ever read about mother’s day!

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