Childish Gambino ft. Nipsey Hussle – “Black Faces”


Coming off of “We Ain’t Them” and his Heems-featuring cut, “Tell Me,” Gambino lets loose another new track called “Black Faces.” This one features Nipsey Hussle and production by Boi-1da. Look out for a new mixtape soon.

Update: The track may actually be called “American Chariot,” according to the artist who made the cover art.

Childish Gambino ft. Nipsey Hussle

  • Jeremy Stevens

    Hey guys,
    First time I’ve ever commented on P&P – love your work. :)

    Just letting you know, I asked Sam Spratt (the artist) about the song titles. “American Chariot” and “Hope” are just the titles of the artworks he created – all of Gambino’s corresponding tracks are untitled, just as they are when you download them.

    Pretty crazy how fast a substitute song title can spread across the internet though, right?

  • pete


  • Sergio

    Damn, anything with Gambino on it is always incredible

  • Yung Yolo Come Thru Lookin Clean

    Holy mother of hell I like how the percussion drops in for the chorus.

  • a guest but not really

    hahaha coast guard haha sea men all ways makes me laugh

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