Premiere: Open Mike Eagle ft. Serengeti – “Universe Man”


Today we are pleased to announce the premiere of Open Mike Eagle’s new song, “Universe Man.” The track features Chicago indie rapper Serengeti, and can be found on OME’s forthcoming LP, 4NML HSPTL, which will be released on June 26th via Fake Four Inc.

Open Mike Eagle is a South LA-based, independent hip-hop artist who has been labeled by the Los Angeles Times as, “one of LA’s smartest young voices.” He’s a multitalented force finding a fit in both music and comedy, having performed numerous times at the world famous Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and is the only hip-hop act ever invited to be the musical guest at the Paul F.Tompkins variety show. While OME certainly has the skill set and ability to stand on his own, he’s shown an appreciation for other buzzing artists by teaming up with producer Hot Sugar on his last EP, and calling on Danny Brown for a feature on 4NML HSPTL‘s “Cobra Commander.”

Give “Universe Man” a listen and see album artwork for 4NML HSPTL below. Be sure to also keep up with Open Mike Eagle through his official Facebook page and pick up the new LP in June.

Open Mike Eagle ft. Serengeti – “Universe Man”


1. Starz
3. Lesson 23
4. Black Clouds feat. Megabusive and Finiki McGee
5. Universe Man feat. Serengeti
6. Your Back Pack Past feat. Has Lo
7. Debits (Eagle Journal)
8. 4NML (Korzybskis Lament)
9. The Financial Crisis The Wouldn’t Go Away
10. Bad News Brown (Gamin Journal) feat. Matt Gamin
11. One Day
12. Free-Writing Exercise feat. Nocando
13. DanceBill
14. Self Medication Chant
15. Cobra Commander feat. Danny Brown (Kenny Segal Version) *** DIGITAL ONLY

  • Chris


  • Chaplalin Lisette Cielocha

    To my son Michael (Open Mike Eagle), your musicis so awesome and verbalism has been the same since you were 1.

    I am just elated that your work is no stranger to peace, and respect. Never lose your INTEGRITY and keep smiling. Be an excellent provider for your family with love and respect.

    God has blessed you through your voice, use it to change your world. God Bless and keep you forever and ever prosperous. LOve and Kisses MOM

  • Monster

    @Chaplalin, that is by far the best comment I’ve ever seen on P&P. You’re awesome.

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  • http://None OUROBOROS

    I’m fixing to buy the shit out of this album.

  • James Morales

    If there was a “LIKE” button for moms comments, I’d be all over it. Mike.. I can’t wait for this album, like all the last. Missed you the last time out in Phx, but caught some of the others. And agreed with MONSTER, BEST COMMENT EVER. Happy belated mothers day Mz. Cielocha. I can see the smile on your face through the comment. I will be purchasing this album sir.

  • Dee Harris

    Saw him @ SXSW. Got the mixtape. Get w/ this guy!

  • Rah-Zah LaTour

    I need this album to add to the collection! Keep the Serengeti Swanging

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  • keL

    loving this, Mike

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