Video: FAYE – “Water Against The Rocks”


In some ways, music videos can almost match the importance of the music itself. I’m so glad that the first time I heard this song was whilst watching this engaging video. With a budget probably about as large as my wage at Pigeons & Planes, it is simultaneously simple and raw. FAYE sings in the confines of a black cab navigating a nameless city, and the modesty and restraint of the video allow the painfully emotional track to burst through all its physical and metaphorical seams. Basic lyrics and a relentless electro beat clutch at and cling to each other desperately, creating a captivating track.

“Water Against The Rocks” is released digitally through Best Fit Recordings on 25th June, and physical copies are available shortly after in July. Hipsters prepare to writhe in glee as I unleash a link where you can preorder the limited edition 7″ vinyl – here you go.┬áBlock out all distracting stimuli and take some time out for the video below.

  •!/marlonlatron MarlonLatron

    Nice commentary/intro to this video. Hopefully she doesn’t put this much distortion on her vocals in her other songs. She has a powerful voice.

  • Icarus

    Thanks man. Yeah she has been flitting around the edges of fame recently, but not quite broken through. These seem to be good times for Scandinavian vocalists so i’m looking forward to seeing a lot more of her in the future.

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