Free Album: Young L – “Enigma Theory”


Although Lil B is the most prolific member of The Pack, Young L is easily the most consistent. The producer/rapper has been developing a lane all to himself, mostly due to the singular, full-bodied sound he’s able to cultivate in all his production, and it’s always something to look forward. Part of the attraction is just to see what L’s been listening to – this time around I was shocked to see Wye Oak billed as samples on two tracks, I haven’t gotten excited about indie samples in rap since 2008 but that one caught me off guard.

On first listen Enigma Theory is a typical Young L release – really cool, well-constructed beats that have to make up for the rapping. If you haven’t been keeping up with him this will serve as a good starting point to jump in on.


Young L ft. Wye Oak – “My Thoughts”

Young L – “Enigma Theory”

Young L – “Monster”

  • idle_warship

    no download link?

  • Confusion

    Just re-upped it. The tape went out, then he took it down because they apparently left out the best song from tape. Back up now.

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