Hear 10 Pop Songs Chopped & Screwed

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By Brendan Klinkenberg & Mike Washington

Summer’s here. That means that there are going to be more barbecues, outdoor parties, rooftop hangouts, backyard get-togethers and a lot of sitting on stoops or fire escapes. A common theme of P&P readers (and writers) is that we’re probably all the kind of people who like to be in charge of the iPod when there’s music playing out loud. That upsets people who just want to hear the big hit singles that they know really well.

The solution to any kind of solution of this magnitude is compromise. In this case, chopped and screwed pop songs are an excellent middle ground. They are your compromise.

With the high-energy, frenetically paced pop songs that are destroying on the pop charts right now, a little slowing down is necessary sometimes. Dropping the tempo creates an entirely new work but that still has the feeling of familiarity everyone likes. Obviously, these tracks probably won’t go over well at a full-on party, but if you’re hanging out with friends and want to pre-empt hearing “Call Me Maybe,” just play its slowed down counterpart and call it a compromise.

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  • Duarte

    The list is pretty average. You completely missed Alicia Keys Unthinkable (Chopped And Screwed). Really much better by far that all of these..

    link of the music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vF9QDrx88s

  • descarte

    Usher – Nice And Slow (Chopped N’ Screwed) classified RnB i guess but its very much on point.


  • http://fauxsociety.com CD

    Came across this last week.
    Justin Beibers new song Long As You Love Me! Chopped & Screwed! Too good.


  • Luc

    No need for the Justin Bieber hate on that one slide he’s rich as hell u aint.

  • Confusion

    I have never understood this logic. Please explain to me why we aren’t allowed to hate on rich people. Can we only hate on poor people? That seems mean. Maybe we should stick to hating only on those in the middle income category?

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