Justin Bieber Is A Suspect In A Criminal Battery Case


Sunday afternoon in Calabasas, CA, Justin Bieber was at a mall when a photographer started snapping pictures. According to reports, the photographer was blocking Justin’s car so the Biebz got out and asked the guy to move. When he wouldn’t, a scuffle took place. Witnesses say that a lawyer walked up to the photographer afterwards and told him to call an ambulance and file charges. He complained of pain in his upper torso and was released from the hospital shortly after. By the time cops showed up to the scene Bieber was gone. Police are investigating the altercation as a misdemeanor battery.

Sounds a little sketchy.


  • Spencer

    this type of thing is the reason i do not envy celebrities. some low-life gets in your way, you react, and now he’s poised to make tons off of it.

  • http://acrylicstyle.com/ AcrylicStyle
  • Joel

    go to the TMZ post and look at the full picture of Biebz outfit.
    what in the actual fuck is he wearing?

  • Bloody

    Agree Spencer!

    Good thing I’m not a celeb, cause I would go all postal on peoples asses for shit like this.

  • http://www.empty-throne.com Z.Rog

    The victim probably just misidentified an angry lesbian as Biebs.

  • Name (required)

    I think to be a guy like this who stalks celebrities to get a photo, society should make you sign a release so you can’t file charges when you get you ass beat by a celeb.

    That being said i think the most Biebs could have mustered is a limp wristed slap.

  • Age 19

    This is nothing. Look up the naked zombie dude in Miami that ate another man’s face off.

  • http://isaacbuckley.bandcamp.com thedopeness

    The most suspicious part of this is that Bieber is in any way capable of sending someone to the hospital

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Icarus

    haha thedopeness. so true

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