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Cocaine 80’s ft. Common – “Motivation” + “Express OG” EP

These last 2 weeks Cocaine 80’s have been dropping brand new tunes left & right. Until today, we had not the slightest clue that these songs were all apart of a 6 track EP that they... Read more »

Get People – “Something Better”

This is one of those songs that slowly creeps up on your consciousness, slyly embedding itself in your head before taking charge of every possible moment of silence with it’s subtly catchy chorus. If you want to be... Read more »

Video: El-P – “The Full Retard”

El-P‘s new album, Cancer 4 Cure, is no joke. The album is dense, urgent, and chaotic. This type of atmosphere is where El-P is at his best, and it’s part of what makes C4C one of... Read more »

Hear 10 Pop Songs Chopped & Screwed

Too catchy? Getting sick of it? Chop & screw that shit. You'd be surprised at how a little chopping and a little screwing can transform even the most played out songs. Here's what happens when you... Read more »

Blood Diamonds ft. Grimes – “Phone Sex”

Two talented Canadians team up for this self proclaimed “big pop song” which veers recklessly between a shamelessly cheesy chorus and warm, delightfully textured, steel-drum incorporating breakdown. You get the feeling though, that this is exactly what they... Read more »

Video: M83 – “Reunion”

Some of you might remember the video to M83‘s last song, “Midnight City“. The creepy, fluorescent-eyed children introduced to my unwilling consciousness have since inhabited most of my nightmares, and just as I had expelled them from... Read more »

Video: Florence + The Machine – “Spectrum”

After watching this video, it’s pretty obvious why Kanye West is a fan of Florence + The Machine. Check Flo out here, all decked out in gold, surrounded by ballerinas and Egyptian-looking characters. It’s the new... Read more »

Video: The Walkmen – “Heaven”

The Walkmen take you on a trip down memory lane with this set of visuals for the absolutely stunning title-track off their recently released, seventh studio album, Heaven. It has quickly become one of my favorite... Read more »

Ellie Goulding – “High For This (The Weeknd Cover)”

Pop starlet Ellie Goulding first won me over with her fetching cover of Passion Pit’s “Sleepyhead,” with Starsmith at the production helm. It’s been something like three years since then, Ellie’s had her predicted rise to... Read more »

Big Boi & Theophilus London ft. TRE LUCE – “She Said OK”

Rappers like to rap about receiving lady favors. No real need to go into detail here, but one could quickly document countless examples in hip-hop history where part or all of certain songs are dedicated to... Read more »

Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” Used In A Nespresso Commercial

Oh, no, as if the hate wasn’t plentiful enough… Here we have a Nespresso Commercial using Lana Del Rey‘s “Blue Jeans” as the soundtrack, which does wonders for making these espressos even more appealing. Say what... Read more »

Video: Jay-Z & Kanye West ft. Frank Ocean – “No Church In The Wild”

Swoop. This is Jay-Z & Kanye West, this is Watch The Throne, so if you expect anything other than big, prepare to get your expectations to get blown away. Watching this is an event, and just when you... Read more »

Shirley Manson Kicked A Fan Out Of A Garbage Show For Punching A Woman

At a Garbage show in Atlantic City last Friday, lead singer Shirley Manson had to stop the performance during a rendition of one of the band’s hits, “Stupid Girl,” to stop a fight that had broken... Read more »

The Vaccines – “No Hope”

The Vaccines debut album was full of short, sweet slices of punchy guitar music that seemed so fresh and immediate that when the band first burst onto the scene they were hailed in some quarters as the... Read more »

Video: ANTHM – “God Of Joy”

ANTHM has come a long way over the past year. Just last March we heard the NC rapper for the first time, and it was with this very song. Back then he went by Anthem, and... Read more »