Premiere: Vacationer – “Trip (Teen Daze Remix)”

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When we made a list of 20 New Bands To Watch Out For, Vacationer was an easy choice, and what triggered it all was “Trip.” While most band names seem like random combinations of words and/or letters, Vacationer‘s actually clues you in to exactly what the band’s sound is all about: “electronic music for the beach.” With summer approaching quickly, the timing couldn’t be better.

We’ve got a lighter, more euphoric remix “Trip” below, courtesy of Teen Daze. We also talked with Vacationer’s Kenny to find out a little more about the song, the sound, and what else he’s been listening to.

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  • great 8

    super chill remix and a great little interview as well. thanks!

  • RavenDAsh

    You should also feature this band in your future post.. Check out their latest single “Stars” from OakStreetBlues. This would be a great addition to your site.

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