The 10 Best Indie Covers of Kanye West Songs

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Kanye West‘s music has more depth than your typical hip-hop artist. His productions are like compositions, and he’s one of the few hip-hop acts that gets covered by indie artists and actually taken seriously. Sure, we’ve seen indie covers of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Eminem, but they’re tongue-in-cheek versions that come off as borderline ironic or downright laughable. But an acoustic take on “Heartless” or a dramatic rock version of “Runaway” is a different story. Here’s our picks for the 10 Best Indie Covers Of Kanye West Songs.

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  • Odel513

    Clicked through them all one by one…was about to flip when i didn’t see Oberhofer-Runaway. Killed it at #1. Kanye Meets Brooklyn.

  • FrankieFlips

    No Cris Cab? Shit’s Weak!

  • Brendan


  • Confusion

    @FrankieFlips Cris Cab isn’t really indie. Pretty sure he’s under Universal, and he’s not really indie in style either.

  • Rillest

    Meh, I didn’t really like Cabs cover anyways

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  • Flashing_lights

    Not a bad list. I really like the Kendra Morris and Parts & Labor covers.

  • fritzo

    compiled on soundcloud:

  • Phantasy

    Honestly thought Parts & labor were downright shit.

  • Art

    Thanks for the dropbox link fritzo.

  • carl winslow

    This was an awesome post hopefully we will see similar ones in the future. I really enjoyed seeing other artist add a different take on what we have grown accustomed to.

  • dar

    i was about to go off, until i saw Mobius Band :O)

  • Chris

    Nice list. Rebecca Loebe – Stronger is a pretty solid one too.

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