The 10 Best Indie Covers of Kanye West Songs


10. Francis and the Lights – “Can’t Tell Me Nothin”

When a non-hip-hop artist covers a hip-hop track it’s fairly rare for the beat to translate well. Something about the transition from 808’s to an actual kit played by an actual drummer (besides Questlove) makes it extremely hard to preserve the natural vibe of hip-hop. Francis and the Lights manage to avoid that pitfall with their interpretation of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”

  • Odel513

    Clicked through them all one by one…was about to flip when i didn’t see Oberhofer-Runaway. Killed it at #1. Kanye Meets Brooklyn.

  • FrankieFlips

    No Cris Cab? Shit’s Weak!

  • Brendan


  • Confusion

    @FrankieFlips Cris Cab isn’t really indie. Pretty sure he’s under Universal, and he’s not really indie in style either.

  • Rillest

    Meh, I didn’t really like Cabs cover anyways

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  • Flashing_lights

    Not a bad list. I really like the Kendra Morris and Parts & Labor covers.

  • fritzo

    compiled on soundcloud:

  • Phantasy

    Honestly thought Parts & labor were downright shit.

  • Art

    Thanks for the dropbox link fritzo.

  • carl winslow

    This was an awesome post hopefully we will see similar ones in the future. I really enjoyed seeing other artist add a different take on what we have grown accustomed to.

  • dar

    i was about to go off, until i saw Mobius Band :O)

  • Chris

    Nice list. Rebecca Loebe – Stronger is a pretty solid one too.

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