The 10 Best Shlohmo Remixes

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shlohmo lead The 10 Best Shlohmo Remixes

By Confusion & Brendan Klinkenberg

As a producer/DJ, Shlohmo likes to control the room. But it’s not all about making bodies move or forcing energy into tranquilized audiences. “If the crowd wants to chill out and hang their heads then I’ll vibe with them on that,” Shlohmo explained during an interview with The Village Voice. He’s not the first to take this approach, but he’s one of the most interesting doing it.

Shlohmo, or Henry Laufer, is part of a new wave of young producers (his team is the We Did It Collective) who are on some next-level, challenging, creative stuff. If mainstream production seems stale or manufactured, the bubbling underbelly of electronic, hip-hop, and pop music has more to offer than ever before, and it’s only a matter of time before it catches on in a major way.

When asked about collaborations with vocalists, Shlohmo said that it’s something he’d like to do and that he already has some things in the works. 2012 should offer some exciting original material, but for now, get familiar with Shlohmo’s style through his 10 best remixes.

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