The 15 Best Lana Del Rey Remixes

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By Constant Gardner & Icarus

Lana Del Rey‘s buzz started with vintage clips and timeless songs with a classic structure, but there has always been a modern edge to her. Production by guys like Emile and Jeff Bhasker lend her sound a subtle hip-hop twist, and her lyrics give a glimpse into the diverse styles that shape who she is. She might be making pop music, but it’s the kind of pop that makes DJs want to inject a heavy dose of bass into; the kind of pop that makes rappers want to hop on.

Ever since Lana’s early days of YouTube hype, the remixes have been pouring in. Now it’s finally slowed down, we decided it was time to take them all in and filter out the cream of the crop. Here are the 15 Best Lana Del Rey Remixes.

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  • Jason
  • OC

    fuck lana

  • asvp

    i’m pretty sure lana has more than 3 songs

  • s.heroi

    What, the MeLo-X remix of “Video Games” doesn’t even rate?

  • Robert Ditlefsen

    Loved Woodkid’sBorn to Die. March, lads, march!

  • Gabriel

    i really like all the “Play it when”

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  • Ben

    How did “Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Kris Menace Remix)” not make this list. Its an Epic remix!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • P-O-O-P

    As the Poop Master, this is amazing, poop minions.

  • P-O-O-P

    Jamie Woon’s remix to “Video Games” is amazing. I’ll have to make him my poop minion. BRB, poo minionzzzzzzzzzz.

  • P-O-O-P


  • Paul

    This sounds like 15 random remixes of lana del rey, not the 15 bests. the top 15 youtube hits are better than this playlist…

  • Confusion

    You probably just have different taste. Feel free to make up a playlist of the most popular Lana Del Rey remixes on YouTube. Then go start a blog, then publish your playlist. Then wait for someone to comment, “This list sucks. These are terrible. It sounds like you just made a playlist of the most popular shit on YouTube.”

  • Braiton
  • Leigh

    Not a remix necessarily, but I loved the slowed-down version of Video Games:

    I also wish you had included more Lana songs than just “Born to Die,” “Blue Jeans,” and “Video Games.” There are some amazing “Off to the Races” remixes among others.

  • ec2031

    What are the good Off to The Races remixes? That’s what I came here looking for.

  • Winston

    I hate it when websites make slideshows and put shit on different pages. It’s backwards as hell in terms of browsing content.

  • Richard

    You should have added the Summer time Sadness Cedric Gervais remix, it’s amazing!

  • Andy

    @7585752a7356e6bb32a5e3667e2b0417:disqus, I don’t suppose you – or anyone else – has that slowed down Video Games downloaded do you? I absolutely adored it and I’m literally heartbroken to find it’s been taken down.

  • Andy

    I meant to tag Leigh but for some reason it came up with that link.

  • Dia

    Go onto youtube and find it on there, then go to a youtube to mp3 converter and download to your computer if you cant find it

  • Diego
  • davis

    Video games (Sound Remedy Remix) Born To Die (Monsieur Adi Remix) Summertime Sadness (ETC! ETC! Cedric Gervais Remix) Young and Beautiful (Kaskade Remix)

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