The 50 Best Summer Songs

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summerlead The 50 Best Summer Songs

It’s hard to understand anyone whose favorite season is anything but summer. It’s more than a season; it’s the brightest part of the year. It’s when the best things happen and the most memories are made. Obviously, that’s not really true, that’s not how things work. Bad things happen in the summer, great things happen in the winter. But the way we look forward to summer and the way we remember it is always as the best version of itself. That intersection between excitement, actions, and memories is a real feeling. There’s a reason we’re excited to write a list like this, because when you think of summer songs it really means something.

Here are The 50 Best Summer Songs. Some feel like summer, some are about summer, some will forever be attached to a certain summer in history, but they are all perfect and timeless additions to your Summer 2012 playlist. Enjoy, and happy summer.

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