The 8 Worst “Call Me Maybe” Covers

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There are probably some good “Call Me Maybe” covers out there. There are probably plenty of artists chock full of artistic integrity that just happened to think that underneath the layers of meaningless, brain-numbingly catchy musical waste that there is a good song suffocating, gasping. We’re sure that those artists have done wonderful, creatively inspired covers of “Call Me Maybe.” We have not heard them. What we have heard is assholes, douchebags, and bimbos taking on the most obvious pop song of the last year and somehow managing to dumb it down even more. Here are 10 of the worst.

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  • Lachdown

    His electric AND the electric? What a fuck-face.

  • Hank

    i think i know dislike this matty b kid as much as i dislike kidz bop which is a hell of a lot

  • d3

    this is too disturbing..

  • Craig


    just fuck singing kids in general

  • Eddy

    Well, that’s not unfair to Ben Howard. I really like his cover..

  • Eddy

    Not fair*

  • The Mix Mason

    ben howard’s is indeed pretty tolerable. he flipped that shit

  • Confusion

    @Craig For a second I thought you said “Fuck kids in general.” I like kids, but thought it was such a bold battle cry that I was down.

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    My neighbours must be pretty happy that I just blasted them with Call Me Maybe eight times.

  • Confusion

    Haha your “neighbours” already hated you.

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    I know. They have left notes.

  • w.m.j.

    I’m ok with the anti kids theme, seems to fit things well.

  • jamarcus

    moar posts like this plz

  • Daniel

    Oh my good I cannot remember the last time someone’s writing had me laughing so uncontrollably hahaha keep it up. AND most of all, thanks for this post. LOL

  • Daniel


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  • WistfullyAmused

    Oh god, I was friends with that Max Schneider kid in high school, how times have changed hahaha

  • -_-

    could’nt get past the first vid, i would rather listen to my alarm clock..

  • Mimi

    You guys are so judgmental they rock and are not what you guys think they are!!!!! Stop the Judging!!!!

  • Confusion

    @Mimi We’re just joking mostly. These “Call Me Maybe” covers TOTALLY rock!!!! :)

  • Spencer

    Founding the Tanner Patrick Coalition to Increase Bullying.

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