The Neighbourhood Release Free Debut EP, “I’m Sorry…”


It’s been rather impressive to watch how quickly Newbury Park, CA shadow rockers The Neighbourhood have managed to evolve from relative unknowns into 2012’s newest buzz band in just over three months. Thanks to the mass appeal and strength of singles like “Female Robbery” and the infectiously catchy “Sweater Weather”, the group is riding a serious wave of momentum that has carried them up to today and the release of their debut EP. At a concise five songs, I’m Sorry… more fully demonstrates the band’s ability to interlace thick, brooding instrumental work with witty and poignant lyrics about love, loss and the emotions that follow.

Based on the high quality of this debut, it’s safe to say that The Neighbourhood are definitely a band to keep and ear on throughout the rest of this year and beyond. Feel free to stream all five tracks below and then head to the group’s website to download the entire EP in exchange for an email address.

Download The Neighbourhood’s Debut EP, I’m Sorry…

  • Jumi

    This is dope! What are the chances I stumble upon this.

  • Confusion

    Depends on a lot of things, I guess. I’d estimate the chances are somewhere around 30-35% though.

  • Jumi

    Yeah, I came up with similar numbers.

  • Name (required)

    I’m fairly sure that the lead vocals are done by the guy who used to rap as Jesse James. Truth Hurts, Truth Heals was actually a pretty cool mixtape, and had some clever samples.

    Anyways, nice to see the evolution.

  • Confusion


  • Name (required)

    They call me the Inspector Clouseau of the internet. And by they, i mean that’s something I’m trying to get going in my group of friends.

  • amber

    Really interested in this band’s style! Been listening to the EP on their website nonstop and can’t wait to hear more from them! Also gonna try to check out their live set w/ temper trap this fall!

  • Adecmr

    I dig their style, it unique and feels like their own!

  • Rachel

    I just saw The Neighbourhood Saturday night at Trocadero in Philly (they opened for Paul Banks of Interpol) and I was very impressed. They have a great sound and a charismatic lead singer. I purchased the EP before I left and I have to say there isn’t one bad song on the record. I highly recommend everyone check them out!

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