Video: Ab-Soul ft. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko – “Terrorist Threat”


A pretty boring visual if you ask me, but the song & the message is still powerful and dope as fuck! And be sure to head to iTunes & get Control System if you haven’t done so already. Check the video below.

Also, you can now get your very own autographed hard copy of Control System over at the TDE online store.

“Dear Barack… I know you’re just a puppet but I’m giving you props, you lying to the public like it ain’t nothing and I just love it… I hope it don’t stop!”

  • Zoxxan

    I think you did something wrong embedding the video ;). And I agree with you 100%, dope track and pretty ‘typical’ video

  • Safety Wolf

    I’m surprised he didn’t sample the speech from the Warriors, would’ve fit with the lyrics.

  • WhackIshiDontLike

    Ab-Soul is DOPE & REAL! If ya’ll enjoy good music like this check out my boy Noah Vinson’s new song “HIH” (Humans In Hollywood) here—-> P.S. They all murdered this shit!!!

  • codine

    Only here for Jhene Aiko, the song could be cool if he wasn’t just another dumb kid making no sense. Yea let’s get political, that’s cool.

  • Writer

    Fuck Ramzy and Zoxxan who wrote that this was a boring video.
    Especially, fuck Codine who thinks Ab-Soul is a “Dumb kid”, no where near dumb nor a kid.

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