Video: Action Bronson Raps Through A Crowd Of Princeton Students


Fuck a stage. This past weekend at a private house party at Princeton, Action Bronson rapped his way through a crowd of Ivy League students. While putting on a show he also steps inside, grabs a bagel, continues to smoke, poses for some pictures, and has his bald head rubbed by adoring fans. Check out the hilarious footage of Mr. Bronson amidst a sea of pastels, salmon shorts, neon sunglasses with straps, and bowties.


  • Anton

    Kid in the blue Knicks shirt is such a boss

  • Mic

    Gotta love Bronson, but damn, what are some of these kids wearing

  • Gillateen

    everyone in this video who’s NOT action bronson, sucks so hard

  • offbeat

    drinking game:
    1. see a cell phone in use
    2. see an indian
    3. see a pastel
    4. see a tucked in t-shirt/ tank
    5. see a black guy try to redeem himself
    6. see someone mouthing the wrong words
    7. see bronson light up

  • princeton

    just a heads up…

    houseparties is a day where kids literally buy ridiculously preppy outfits to poke fun at the existing stereotype

    generally the artists who come get as much of a kick out of it as the kids do.

  • princeton 2

    ^ not true at all thats how these kids dress. This is literally the last place id want to see action bronson rap

  • JG

    (Parents) spend $100,000+ to go to Princeton, wears clothes that cost hundreds of dollars…drinks Colt 45 fowties.

  • @princeton 2

    you’re an idiot. we GO THERE, and that is what happens.

  • offbeat

    so defensive! ;)

  • anon

    americans cant dress for shit neon glasses smh

  • YEA…

    Dude, Princeton sucks, dont defend yourself,78 percent of the country hates you, 99.9 percent of the rap community hates you, and you do dress like that. Give up kornball

  • Victorio Valvidia

    Amazes me how kids can hate so much. I’m a Princeton student from Newark, NJ, who has always loved hip hop, followed this blog since the beginning, and was actually at this show. I can assure you the pastels, neon everything, bowties, etc. are (for the most part) all part of the joke. But damn, you’d think people would appreciate that some non-hoodish people were happily enjoying an Action Bronson concert.

  • lucas

    Kid at 46 seconds looks so gay!
    Nothing wrong w/ being preppy.
    Hot pink booty shorts on a man is not preppy.

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