Video: Kitty Pryde – “Okay Cupid”


Kitty Pryde seems like she’s made out of internet. The young (best guess is mid-to-late teens so when I say young I mean very young) Daytona Beach rapper is making music compiled of influences that exist entirely online, and spitting it back in a never-ending collage of nerdy, trendy and cute.

In this video alone she has a beat from the eminently cool Beautiful Lou, which leads to a bassy, based, cloud rap sound, an obsession with Danny Brown and a mix of clever and dumb lyrics that end up being, at best, super endearing, or, at worst, intriguing but ultimately gimmicky. It definitely helps that she’s really cute, although be careful about developing a crush because she’s really, really young AND THAT JUST MAKES HER SEEM COOLER because youth+internet. The persona and music extends on her Tumblr and Bandcamp.

(The Fader)

  • byahbyah

    Damn, so many good artists that could end up on the fader if they had a vagina.

  • byahbyah

    Oh yeah and these advertisements that just start automatically making playing audio are not a good look Confusion.

  • Jumi

    I did not enjoy that. In fact, you might even say I strongly disliked that. It’s like if one of the scene girls from my middle school listened to a Kid Cudi and Eminem album and tried to freestyle, this would be the result.

  • busstophustle

    America, welcome to a post Kreayshawn world. If this makes you scratch your head, check out Dark Sister. They’ve got a song about drinking period blood. And no, I didn’t make that up.

  • Confusion

    @ByahByah yeah I’m looking into having that ad removed. Annoying, but I dont have anything to do with what ads go up.

    And yeah, I think Kitty is definitely going to blow up. But I also think there will be a pretty strong backlash. We’ll see.

  • Yung Yolo Come Thru Lookin Clean

    it’s the white Kilo Kish!

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    This girl is utterly ridiculous but her flow reminds me of Why?.

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence
  • The Mix Mason

    ok the beat is sick but why will this blow up? there’s nothing special about the half-rap, zero-singing that’s going on. and it’s not laughable enough for mega-hate like Rebecca Black, but also not as catchy as something like “Gucci Gucci”

  • Confusion

    It’s just so 2012. Like Lil B-ish but wrapped up in a different culture. Not saying it’s gonna be the “BEST NEW THING,” just that it will get a lot of attention.

  • The Mix Mason

    fair enough!

  • Maisley

    Damn. That was real as fuck. It’s a completely new, natural direction that music is taking.. It’s like a less manufactured Lana Del Rey

  • Jumi

    I. Do. Not. GET IT!

  • gk

    this is trash. but tumblrs gonna fucking love it

  • Spencer

    oh god. i’m not ready for what’s about to come.

    “i’m the princess.
    read my lip, it’s pouty
    and the sky is looking kinda cloudy.”

    kill me.

  • Will

    I think someone said it already, but this seems like the natural progression of a post-Kreayshawn and post-Lil B rap game. Is this going to be the next big thing? Possibly. I think the cute factor is going to help her game big time. The semi-hipster/scene style to her is going to appeal to people who usually only stay in one genre of music. Also that fact that she is rhyming stuff about Frank Ocean, pictures of Justin Bieber, and so forth make her the girl meant to appeal to a younger crowd (like Con mentioned in the post). Overall, I’m intrigued to see where this goes. I’m only worried that we are going to be getting a ton more Kitty Prydes who are paving the way for a genre of airy, stream-of-conscious rap instead of what has been the norm for years. Is this the natural progression though? Guess we’ll see.

  • SK

    I like her flow but the lyrics blew. I agree though she’ll blow up and especially with girls on tumblr and shit like that. She’s really young so it’ll be interesting to see where she’ll go.

  • Will

    I checked out her BandCamp and lyrically some songs are stronger than others. I’m interested to see where she’ll go, as well.

  • gk

    there’s something incredibly self-fabricated about this whole thing and all of tumblr culture…this shit screams try-hard to me from the star wars helmet to the supreme stickers, but i’m probably being a hipster too. she got a couple nice lines but i cant stand her flow.

  • great 8

    its all about the production and this beat is nice.

  • Joshua

    This is bollocks. I have nothing constructive to say.

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  • reason666

    How would a girl that young even know who the Yeastie Girls are?

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