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Chris Brown Disses Drake on Game’s Remix of “I Don’t Like”

After their physical altercation a couple of weeks ago, nothing would be more entertaining than to see Chris Brown and Drake go head-to-head in a boxing arena. But I suppose verbal jabs will have to do... Read more »

Video: The Pigeon Coup With MeLo-X

We haven’t heard from Verbatum Jones in a while, but our man is always getting into some interesting stuff so when he hit us up about an artist he was interested in, we had to check... Read more »

Azealia Banks ft. Styles P – “Nathan”

Azealia Banks just put this new Styles P featuring track on her Tumblr with nothing except the funky artwork above. It’s reasonable to think that this Drums of Death produced track will feature on her forthcoming Fantasea mixtape (scheduled for release... Read more »

Heyward Howkins – “The Raucous Call of Morning”

“By the side of the sleepy canal . . .” and a beckoning bed of strings. So begins The Hale & Hearty, the debut release from Heyward Howkins. Produced by Chet Delcampo (an accomplished artist in his own... Read more »

Video: Kathy Griffin Would “Pull a Train” With ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown

After ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown concurred that Kathy Griffin’s got a “fatty” and is, indeed, one of the “old bitches they’d like to fuck” during this hilarious poolside conversation, the famously foul comedienne showed the... Read more »

Video: Ro Ransom – “Deadman Wonderland”

With Ro Ransom‘s Ransomnia mixtape dropping on Monday, July 2nd, we get one last set of visuals and one more reminder not to sleep when this tape comes out. The Mike Waxx and Mike Carson-directed clip... Read more »

Adele Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Congratulations are in order for Adele, who must be having one of the best calendar years in pop music history. After sweeping the Grammys and selling a lot of records, she’s going to be welcoming a new... Read more »

Wiz Khalifa ft. 2 Chainz – “It’s Nothin'”

Surprise, a 2 Chainz feature. 2 Chainz hogs all the features like it’s nothin’ and Wiz Khalifa uses this hard-hitting beat as the backdrop for his rhymes about having the freshest shit, going to France, stacking... Read more »

Dance Music Post. 31

The latest installation in our weekly electronic coverage, featuring tracks from Brenmar, Nguzunguzu, Gold Panda and a new mix from Disclosure.... Read more »

Video: Disclosure – “Control”

British duo Disclosure produces music to make you move. “Control” is a sort of stylish instructional video. The lesson? Dance your ass off to their music–even if you’re alone in a large white room (or, perhaps,... Read more »

Video: Aesop Rock – “ZZZ Top”

Aesop Rock just raised the bar with the Patti Li-starring “ZZZ Top” video. That look in her eyes? That’s the “yes, I am about to kill you” look. Skelethon drops on July 10th. THE 30 BEST UNDERGROUND... Read more »

10 Female British Singers You Should Know About

The Internet has made it so much easier to discover new genres and artists beyond the confines of your town, region or country. With the all powerful world wide web as your travelling companion, it’s not... Read more »

New Photos Show Rare Side of The Rolling Stones

Images by Jim Marshall are from “The Rolling Stones 1972,” Chronicle Books 2012, copyright Jim Marshall Photography LLC, courtesy the Steven Kasher Gallery. In 1972, music photographer Jim Marshall had the opportunity to document The Rolling... Read more »

Video: Kids These Days – “Flashing Lights”

We featured Chicago-based band Kids These Days‘ reimagining of Kanye West‘s “Flashing Lights” last week, and now they’ve released the accompanying video. The grainy texture of the visuals along with the row of flashing lights keep... Read more »

James Blake Is Working With Lil Wayne

FACT TV interviewed James Blake collaborator Trim, who spoke abou Blake and revealed some strange news: James Blake is working with Lil Wayne. With all the talk about Tunechi losing his edge, this might be a... Read more »