10 Female British Singers You Should Know About

jessie ware3 10 Female British Singers You Should Know About

Jessie Ware

We at P&P love Jessie Ware. We love her voice, which ranges from softly sultry to lung-burstingly powerful, and we love her modern takes on R&B and more recently pop, but what really sets her apart is how incredibly sexy she is on stage the producers she has collaborated with. First it was a guest appearance on Joker‘s “The Vision” in October of last year, then the SBTRKT produced “Nervous” and a beautiful duet with Sampha on “Valentine,” then finally, the crowning glory – a couple of Julio Bashmore produced gems (listen below). Having taken in four of the most interesting and creative producers around, and showed off both a diva-esque and more restrained side to her voice, I couldn’t be any more excited for the Bashmore/Dave Okumu produced debut album Devotion, which comes out August 13th.