10 Female British Singers You Should Know About


Jessie Ware

We at P&P love Jessie Ware. We love her voice, which ranges from softly sultry to lung-burstingly powerful, and we love her modern takes on R&B and more recently pop, but what really sets her apart is how incredibly sexy she is on stage the producers she has collaborated with. First it was a guest appearance on Joker‘s “The Vision” in October of last year, then the SBTRKT produced “Nervous” and a beautiful duet with Sampha on “Valentine,” then finally, the crowning glory – a couple of Julio Bashmore produced gems (listen below). Having taken in four of the most interesting and creative producers around, and showed off both a diva-esque and more restrained side to her voice, I couldn’t be any more excited for the Bashmore/Dave Okumu produced debut album Devotion, which comes out August 13th.

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  • http://www.thedailystreet.co.uk jb

    Great list here guys, really love Charli XCX. Would like to add a few of my own too; Martyna Baker (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoSxflSY0pg), Lianne La Havas (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYDhQdzo4Io), Tanya Lacey (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB2dxvuGMoA) & Vula (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z5eAW3rvRA).

    Keep up the great content!

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Bloody good stuff, ‘ere.

  • Mr. Magnificent

    No Lianne La Havas or Delilah? Not a valid list without either of them!

  • Age 19


  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Constant Gardner

    Mr Magnificent, Age 19…
    C’mon guys.. you know me better than that. Well you don’t know me at all but err whatever anywaaay… Have a little check of the 15 European Artists and you will be pleasantly surprised. Didn’t want to repeat myself ya see.

  • http://patteran.typepad.com Dick Jones

    Py is breaking new ground, demonstrating in this combination of melancholy beats and melody and wistful vocals that trip hop UK-style lives!

  • joe

    @Dick Jones. I won’t define Py as trip hop, perhaps you not that familiar with the current UK Bass scene… She is breaking new ground by mixing so many different styles for sure but let’s not call it trip-hop as it really underestimates the producers involved… that track produced by Damu is influenced old school hip hop and Timbeland. Lungs is a Chicago deep-house influenced beat.

  • http://www.adriannesoundslike.com Adri-Anne Ralph

    Yessss! Love that Emeli Sande is on the list. Check out her acoustic cover of “Daddy” :

    Also, I agree with other commenters… Lianne La Havas would have been a pick of mine to be on here!

  • jo

    what about Roses Gabor????

  • higjjjhg8

    I dont know any of them

  • Jake

    Everybody should know about the great ELKIE BROOKS

  • RBI4400

    LIANNE LA HAVAS is the truth

  • ehowders

    What about Paloma Faith?! Here’s a bunch of great videos on her to convince you:) I think she could be the next Adele! http://vevo.ly/RMmmSl

  • DaTNiGGaFB

    this list is ass…..what happen to josh stone and lieanne lahavas?

  • DaTNiGGaFB

    fuck….even billy piper

  • Biju

    Sande is a really talented artist and everyone on the list has something to offer. I like stuff like this. it introduces me to new music.

  • Nick

    Uck. Almost each of these ladies accompany tracks which are WAY over produced. I expected vocalists like Duffy, Adele, and Amy, RIP. (I knew these were too famous, but similar sounds).

  • Carl Contino

    Kate Bush?

  • sydneyleyvarner

    i think so to

  • sydneyleyvarner

    follow me on twitter

  • sydneyleyvarner


  • sydneyleyvarner


  • Carol

    I wish there was more diversity in the list.

  • DAVE

    JASMINE LAMPORT….vocally terrific!!!

    Just google STRONG/WHY?/BREATHE(Sonic Foxx Version)

  • Dave

    You may like JASMINE LAMPORT…google

    STRONG/WHY?/BREATHE(Sonic Foxx Version)

  • dave


    Google STRONG/WHY?/BREATHE(Sonic Foxx Version)

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