10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now

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It worked last week, so 10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now is here to stay. Or at least worthy of a Round 2. This week brought on some new introductions, unexpected collaborations, and a few new tracks that are must-haves for that summer playlist that every sun-loving music enthusiast should be building.

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  • seaburt

    keep doing these!

  • Peter

    Wow, fuck Pitchfork. Keep these up!

  • http://mostlyjunkfood.com jamarcus

    i like this maybach music

  • eRowdy

    love these posts. fuck childish gambino though. he doesn’t need to be featured every time..

  • IkeTurnerEatsStars

    I like to hear Beck rapping but even I’m a bit tired of Childish Gambino. Yeah, he’s good but stop reminding us and post that “Butane” track from Killer Mike’s ablum…or something.

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