Azealia Banks – “Aquababe”


Azealia Banks, you are cool and all, but sea punk is over. It died a while ago, it’s like a million years old in meme years. #RIPSeaPunk. Let it be dead.

This is off of Azealia’s Fantasea project. Production credit goes to the ever-impressive Machinedrum, who I think was probably told to sample some sea sounds but was like, “nah, sea punk is over, I’m just gonna sample some gibbons and turn them into a beat.” It worked.

Azealia Banks – “Aquababe”


  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence
    EPROM – Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)

    Apparently Rustie played this in his essential mix. With this and “Harlem Shake” he really blessed us with some ish.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I like how the art looks like a black version of the original Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo.

  • Oluade

    LOL @ seapunk is over. Um, as far as I’m concerned, seapunk was never really a thing to begin with, outside of a small, close-nit group of people. If she wants to bring sea punk to a slightly wider audience- or I guess in your case, resurrect it- she’s definitely entitled to, given her level of talent.

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