Best Songs Of 2012, So Far

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best songs 2012 Best Songs Of 2012, So Far

Compiling a “best of anything” list is such a subjective effort. It’s human nature to want to compare things, rank and file them, and then argue relentlessly over the findings, defending a position vehemently as you try to convince your friend why one single from your favorite band is better than some other single from their favorite band. It’s a timeless debate, and one that usually leads to nothing but dead ends and blood-spilling.

As much as we’d love to imagine our readers quarreling with one another over what the best songs of the year have been so far, we decided it was best for all of society to give you a rock solid list of the top 25. This is our little way of settling arguments, mending broken relationships and essentially righting all wrongs.┬áIf this doesn’t settle it, feel free to hit the comments section and argue.

Here are The Best Songs Of 2012, So Far…

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