Best Songs Of 2012, So Far

Danny Brown Best Songs Of 2012, So Far

25. Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

Album: n/a

There is a thing in our bodies—maybe an organ, maybe just some little piece of fatty tissue near our heart or tucked between the skull and brains—that picks up on nostalgia. It’s more than an abstract idea that we recognize through sight, sound, smell, or whatever; it must be another sense, with it’s own piece of body. It’s triggered by the smell of someone you used to love, old photos of people that died too young, or some perfect combination of chords and words that immediately sends your brain into rewind.

Danny Brown’s mostly lunatic flow has hit a lot of notes, but none like “Grown Up.” Over a boom-bap style beat by Party Supplies, Danny touches on that feeling rarely touched by hip-hop—it’s that “93 ’til Infinity” vibe, and it’s so close to being feel-good, but it’s deeper than that. It’s nostalgia.

  • marc

    great post!! you guys are killing the game

    pigeons and planes is for doing

  • Aaron

    Good god enough trying to boost pageviews. JUST MAKE A PLAYLIST ALREADY

  • Eric

    All amazing songs. I would add “Sixteen Saltines” by Jack White, “Brains” by Lower Dens, “Five Seconds” by Twin Shadow, “Hey Jane” by Spiritualized, “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” by Father John Misty, and “Sedated” by Choir of Young Believers to my top ten so far. It’s been a very strong year for indie releases thus far.

  • Confusion

    We’re going to make a playlist too, but don’t you want to read our thoughts and shit? We have beautiful thoughts.

  • gk

    love the writeup for the danny brown grown up joint.

  • Tyler

    Amazing list. Agree with most, but I’d put Jasmine pretty high up though, and i think my Top 30 list would include some Killer Mike, Original Don (remix) /Get Free, The Sweater Weather, Silk Pillow ft. Beck, and the new Los Campesinos.
    For me, Kill for Love and Jasmine are top 2.

    Also, whats “Odebear”?!?!

  • larl

    Before I scrolled down, def thought #12 was about to be a JoJo song. Wouldn’t have been mad…

  • Konrad

    Dope list, but I genuinely think its missing G-Eazy – Marilyn

  • Confusion

    Purity Ring!

  • CK

    Con, I’d read your thoughts AND I’d read your shit.

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    Would’ve chosen Burn instead of Amen and put in something from Habits & Contradictions and the new Spiritualized. But solid list nonetheless.

  • great 8

    I agree, not gonna click through all these pages.

  • Confusion

    Sorry guys, we’re going to improve our galleries. It’ll get better.

  • te jota

    maybe i’m not hipster enough but this list blows

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Pretty solid list to help me catch up some artists that I may have missed out on earlier this year.

  • b

    great post, and i love your stuff…but credit to Don Draper for the nostalgia piece, right?

  • Confusion

    thank you. i had never seen that but don draper seems very emotionally intelligent.

  • the guy who hates nardwuar

    pigs and planes used to be excellent. I guarantee you will lose some of your fan base monetizing the shit out of your blog like this. this whole clicking through 10+ pages every other post is bullshit.. it’s so blatantly an effort to get more cash for ads, fuckuz. now i dunno what you take me as, or understand the intelligence that jay z has, but seriously how many lists do you put out per week? you can’t pretend to be this down to earth, real – people blog where you have witty blurbs and get all personal, while at the same time being like ill roots or something. anywho, sorry to get all emotional about it, im just fired up. not reading this post man…

  • jorge

    Blessed needs to be on this

  • LightsToTheNorth

    Everyone being an ass should just appreciate the website. I have been on this blog since 2008 and loved it every time I have jumped on the site. Confusion is a witty and comedic dude in these articles. Let him do his thing. If you dislike going through all of these slides then quit visiting his site. You try to start something from nothing and then have it get big. Tell me you wouldn’t want to keep getting bigger and we will all know your a oversized liar. All in all quit the bitching and just listen to the music.


    Confusion please make a playlist for the articles that have over 5 slides when you originally post them. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • Emm

    HAHAHAHAHA really dude?!?! You just blasted the dude for bitching about having to click through slides, and then you say the SAME thing!!

  • offbeat

    ya all this bitching needs to stop. if you don’t wanna click through each slide, don’t. it’s that simple. nobody gives a fuck about you how you don’t want to click each one. this isn’t twitter, believe it or not, nobody really wants to hear you bitch.

    props to P&P for being the best blog that still has feature posts. i don’t need to hear every single song the second it comes out, i come to P&P because i want an opinion- if you don’t agree with it, go to hypem where it’s streamlined so you can get your 20 new songs/ hour quota. relax dude, and just enjoy some music.

  • Hugh Jass

    i love odebear!!! so glad they were on there. only song i liked….

  • Aaron

    I bitch because I care :) kick ass list though

    tried to make a playlist for this one like i did w/ summer but a ton of stuff isn’t on spotty – stupid mixtapes. Download the tracks from here and make it yourself.

  • S&f5


  • Tyler

    O B E D E A R

  • seaburt

    cartoons and cereal is the best song of the 2000’s

  • Franko Sinatra

    i like pigeon and planes if you dont like it then why dont you just geeeiieeet.outtt. (red-neck south park voice)

  • Ryan

    Stoked to see Purity Ring so high! The album should be great, although a bit of a bummer that 4 of the 11 or so tracks have been released already.

    Awesome list overall with a lot of fresh new bands.

  • Chris

    I must have been the only one to love Goldie by Asap…im still listening to it daily…good list tho…definitely have to mirror the playlist suggestion tho

  • Chris

    oh whoa…nm…i skipped over the goldie page…great list haha

  • Zach

    Anybody else disappointed that P&P didn’t put RAC’s 1st original track, “Hollywood”, on here.

  • -____-

    Azealia Banks – F*ck Up The Fun! How did that not make the list? And Confusion/Jacob, I think this blog is very down to Earth. Pigeons and Planes is one of the only down to Earth blogs, I think personally. And if you cared enough about music, you wouldn’t mind so many pages. It’s about music. Not connivence. Doesn’t matter about connivence, like ever.

  • Gabriel

    When I read Confusion’s answers to comments…

    “We’re going to make a playlist too, but don’t you want to read our thoughts and shit? We have beautiful thoughts.”
    “Sorry guys, we’re going to improve our galleries. It’ll get better.”

    … it’s clear for me that P&P is an amazing blog

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  • JBVI

    K.DOT at number 2!! I was getting worried that I didn’t see any of him phew.

  • Buddy Blank

    What about Pyramids? And Angels? And Fineshrine instead of Odebear? There’s some good choices on here, but I don’t know about some of these exclusions…

    King City making it is cool though, good call.

  • Buddy Blank

    Oh wait this is hella old. My bad you guys are still cool.

    Your twitter updates be throwing me off and shit.

  • Jon Tanners

    In due time, Buddy. We got you covered.

  • tris76

    I guess the “so far” kinda lets you off the hook for some songs not on the list….with that said: Nas-The Don, Killer Mike-Reagan, Frank Ocean-Super Rich Kids or Pyramids, and Freddie Gibbs & Madlib-Thuggin.