Best Songs Of 2012, So Far

Danny Brown Best Songs Of 2012, So Far

25. Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

Album: n/a

There is a thing in our bodies—maybe an organ, maybe just some little piece of fatty tissue near our heart or tucked between the skull and brains—that picks up on nostalgia. It’s more than an abstract idea that we recognize through sight, sound, smell, or whatever; it must be another sense, with it’s own piece of body. It’s triggered by the smell of someone you used to love, old photos of people that died too young, or some perfect combination of chords and words that immediately sends your brain into rewind.

Danny Brown’s mostly lunatic flow has hit a lot of notes, but none like “Grown Up.” Over a boom-bap style beat by Party Supplies, Danny touches on that feeling rarely touched by hip-hop—it’s that “93 ’til Infinity” vibe, and it’s so close to being feel-good, but it’s deeper than that. It’s nostalgia.