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Julio Bashmore has blown the fuck up in the past 6-12 months, and can now call himself a BBC Radio 1 regular and a label boss as well as one of the freshest and most exciting DJ’s out. The man puts a very individual spin on a classic house sound, and, having produced a genuine classic with “Battle For Middle You,” has not slowed up, releasing EP’s at a regular rate, and just earlier today dropping this blissfully chilled out 7 minute slow burner. Vibe to it below, and if anyone can tell me another song with the word “troglodyte” in the lyrics, they will win something.

This one blew up. Bass music aficionados RL Grime and Salva took on “Mercy” – no easy task – and succeeded in making one heart-stopper of a track. Right from the extended vocal-chopping intro it commands attention and doesn’t let go. With this trap movement blowing up comically fast (it’s already spawning a regrettably enormous amount of simply uninspired and clearly trend-jumping tracks) it’s great to see some of the elements already being played with. You get a lot of cues from over-the-top hip-hop beats here, from the the snare stutters to a Lex Luger-esque ascending synth slide, but this edit’s essence is still in dance music, and it’s a lot of fun to hear.

We’ve featured the man Melé a fair few times, and if he continues like this, we will be featuring many, many more of his songs. As if we weren’t already in love enough with the current trend for bass heavy hip-hop influenced beats, “Gold Casio” comes along and melts our collective faces off. Sure, it’s only a clip from the song (which will apparently be on a forthcoming free EP) but there is more fun in those 90 seconds than in whole albums. Get ready to hit repeat.

Fast rising label Push & Run have just released a four track free EP of bootlegs and edits from artists including the highly hyped Ifan Dafydd and Pedestrian, and some other up and comers. These guys are known for their work at the chilled out end of things, and the precise drum programming, combined with super recognisable samples from Amy Winehouse (“No Good”) and Lauryn Hill (“Doo Wop”) make for some awesome free downloads. Grab the rest of the EP over at FACT.

Ifan Dafydd – “No Good”

Pedestrian & Maribou State – “Doo Wop”

Krystal Klear is a disco loving don, and while his edit of Marina’s “Power & Control” is actually more house than straight up disco, it retains all the fun loving, up-tempo bounciness of the latter. This one’s like a liquid shot of happiness in your brain… and when that space-bound riff comes in around 2.50? AWWWW YEAHHH.

We featured this Javeon McCarthy track a while back, loving the super catchy chorus and sparkly Two Inch Punch production, and now Brenmar’s got his sweaty (but always incredibly well dressed and immaculately coiffed) paws on it, it’s definitely worth revisiting. This

Hahaha yes Lockah! We actually already featured Lockah’s thoughtful future-trap post-dubstep 8-bit synth fest “The Sour Drink From The Ocean,” which is on his When U Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo & Become A Threat EP, and as the rest of the EP keeps up the high standards, here’s some more. “Goons N Roses” starts reasonably slowly, but bursts gloriously, and grandiosely into life around the 1.30 mark in an explosion of fireworks and champagne corks popping. Check it below, and snag the whole EP over at The Jefrees.

I’m not entirely sure how to feel about this remix. It’s interesting to hear Grimes in a new light, but I’m not entirely sure DJ Sliink pulled it off seamlessly. It’s good to hear him playing with his own sound, even though he could probably just turn out the Jersey Club he’s been playing with for a while now and just leave it at that. Even though I might not be a fan, it’s certainly worth a listen.

Brodinski is doing some really cool stuff. Techno is a difficult genre to get people to pay attention to today, but he’s always to bring some verve to the proceedings that lends his production an edge that pushes it beyond the genre boundaries and scenes most techno is confined to. This is a dark, grinding track, the kind the Parisien has perfected as of late.

French duo Beataucue have been going strong for years now, turning out high quality remixes and singles without gaining much traction on longer releases. That hasn’t stopped them from doing what they do best, taking on Kitsune affiliates DWNTWN and flipping their track “See My Eyes” into a bass-heavy, feel good jam that really showcases Beataucue’s best talents; just listen to the vocal chops on this one.

  • commentswrittenundertheinfluence

    Damn, put on the mix and pulled out the Gucci Mane soundboard, ratchet shit.

  • DJ Lil’ Elle

    How am I just now seeing this and why didn’t someone fly him out to San Francisco to DJ?

    Love this and hoping for more like it to come!

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