Diamond Rings – “I’m Just Me”


New single and video from Diamond Rings! Lots of very Diamond Rings-y dancing and lasers and fun stuff. Definitely should make you excited for his new album coming out this fall. I’ll just be stepping out now to buy myself a pair of those sunglasses.


  • Eric

    So much goodness. I didn’t even know this was coming out, so this was definitely a pleasant surprise. Special Affections was great, and from the sound of “I’m Just Me”, he has expanded and made better his incredible sound.

  • AnnaBlaze

    Love it! Reminds me of the 80’s, but from the future.

  • http://moosetache.over-blog.fr/ Moosetache

    Broken link !

  • http://moosetache.over-blog.fr/ Moosetache

    in my fcking country!

  • +00+

    hello gentleman gaga

  • Terry


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