Hear A Bunch Of Radio Pop Songs Mashed Into One


The maker of this mash-up said, “I was listening to the radio when I realized I could mix every song I had just heard. Pop songs are so replaceable these days…”

I’m not sure what exactly to take from this, but the comments section on YouTube offers some powerful insight into the state of pop culture and the Internet in 2012:

  • poptard

    well… it’s not a good mix now is it?

  • Ryan


  • PancakeMcKennz

    *Eddie Murphy voice* Oh there they go, there they go! Everytime somebody talk about pop music, they got to pull The Beatles out they ass. That’s their one, that’s their one!”

    But no, seriously, I understand the remixer’s stance, but I would’ve just focused on Carly Rae and Maroon 5 over Flo Rida’s instrumental. It’s no DJ Earworm.

  • offbeat

    i feel like this is not even a real “mashup” though… sound more just like a dj mix to me. i don’t think the interchangeability of radio songs today is news to anyone.

  • Jay

    The news is that a DJ made the cheesiest mashup he was capable of making, and people still liked it. And even complained that these brilliant works of art had been, *gasp*, pitch shifted. …Like imagine an alternate universe where you think that Flo-rida’s edgy, Coldplay is deep and One Direction doesn’t even make you a little bit nauseous. Real people actually exist who think those things.

  • Leroy

    I for one like Coldplay.

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