Hear “Our Love,” An Unreleased Song From The Weeknd


“Our Love” was apparently recorded by The Weeknd back in 2009, when he was part of The Noise. The T-Minus production, upbeat vibe, and pop-leaning sound of “Our Love” is a far cry from the tortured brand of music Abel is making these days, but it’s interesting to hear, and will likely have you thinking, “Is that really The Weeknd?”

It’s a cool look at the artist before he found his own well-defined niche, or at least a sliver of proof that sometimes it takes a few tries to develop as a unique artist.

The Weeknd – “Our Love”


  • Tetsuooo

    Sounds like a less annoying The Dream mixed in with some J.Biebs.

  • ThatGuyOverThere


    Yeah if the words “The Weeknd” wasn’t attached to this I would’ve never guessed it was him.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Yeah, I would’ve definitely guessed this was The Dream.

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